Guide Dogs are providing free iPads or iPhones for visually impaired children aged 3-18

Guide Dogs Tech for All service helps children with a vision impairment to have access to their own devices at home – to support learning, or simply to have fun and explore the interests and activities they enjoy. The service complements the wide range of support provided across the sight loss sector to help children and young people build their independence.

Tech for All provides iPads to visually impaired children aged 3-18 across the UK, while secondary school-age children (age 11-18) may choose an iPhone instead. The devices have excellent accessibility features built-in, and online guides and tutorials are provided to help them get started and to ensure that they know how to stay safe online. The devices are completely free of charge, with the only requirement being proof of vision impairment. In the six month pilot 3,500 free devices will be distributed, though if successful it is hoped that the service will be rolled out further in 2022.

If you know anyone who might benefit from the Tech for All service, please refer them to the Guide Dogs website and encourage them to apply today.