RNIB and VICTA are working together to support children and young people who are blind or partially sighted to study with greater independence using technology. If you are registered blind or partially sighted and a UK resident you could be eligible for an Apple iPad Air 2 (32GB) and/or an Orbit Reader 20 for Braille users.

VICTA/RNIB Grant Guidelines

Applications will be considered for children (under the age of 18) and young people (under the age of 25 or 29 for the Orbit Reader 20) who are registered or are registrable blind or partially sighted and are permanent residents in the UK.

The Apple iPad Air 2 (32GB) is available to those aged between 11 and 25 years, and the Orbit Reader 20 is available to those aged between 8 and 29 years.

Please note, the iPad is supplied as WiFi only and does not come with insurance cover. We cannot specify colours and you can purchase a case from any retailer at your own cost that suits your requirement.

All applications are independently reviewed by VICTA Trustees and outcomes will be notified in writing. No outcomes will be given over the telephone.

Successful applicants will be asked to pay £40 toward the cost of the iPad and £40 toward the cost of the Orbit Reader – these are one-off charges to cover VICTA’s administration costs.

To find out more or to apply for a grant, please visit: https://www.victa.org.uk/rnib-product-grant/