Macular disease causes loss of central vision. Skills for Seeing training can help you to use your vision more effectively which could help with reading, taking care of yourself, getting about and watching TV.

Our Skills for Seeing trainers are able to offer help and advice on the benefits of lighting, using low vision aids and, if appropriate, two techniques that can help make everyday tasks that little bit easier.

The first is eccentric viewing; This involves identifying and using the healthiest parts of your macula. Many people discover eccentric viewing by accident. By scanning what they want to see, they find an area of their vision that gives them a clearer image. For example, you may look slightly above someone’s head to see their face because you can’t see it clearly if you look straight at them.

You will learn which parts of your remaining vision work best for a variety of tasks. With time and practice, eccentric viewing can become automatic.

The second technique is called steady eye strategy; this helps with reading. It involves keeping your eyes still and moving the text through the best part of your vision, which in turn can help you read faster and more accurately. It is harder to learn but It is particularly useful for people who have a very small part of central vision which is still clear.

Will it work for me?

Not everyone needs or is able to learn these techniques; it is only suitable for people with both eyes’ affected by macular disease. It also depends on the size and location of the damage to your macula. But training is free, and you have nothing to lose by giving it a go and possibly a lot to gain!

If you would like more information about our Skills for Seeing training, please call Tracy Atkinson on 01482 3472297 or email