Sight Support Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) has linked up with Armitage Shanks and HEY Smile Foundation to put together a unique fundraising appeal which will be launched at this year’s East Yorkshire Business Expo on 3rd October at the Mercure Hotel Willerby.

The appeal is aimed at raising funds for a much needed refurbishment of the toilet facilities at the charity’s centre to make them more accessible for visually impaired service users, especially those with other mobility issues. In addition, after some 40 years of use, the existing facilities are now rather shabby and unreliable.

With the charity busier than ever, the growing numbers of service users and visitors is putting an ever increasing strain on the current facilities however, instead of constantly carrying out little repairs and refurbishments here and there, Sight Support HEY is hoping to carry out a full renovation of its toilet facilities with the help of this new appeal and the local business community.

“Replacing archaic toilets is not a glamorous project,” says Sight Support HEY’s Fundraising Manager, Angela Gregory. “It doesn't inspire, but in real terms this is a very basic requirement fundamental to everyone’s daily routine. Something we have to do several times a day and in normal circumstances we don't think twice about it. So we are really grateful to HEY SMILE Foundation and Armitage Shanks for their help in coming up with a unique and fun way to help us raise awareness and funds towards this project.”

With four separate areas to be refurbished including structural changes to be made to the building, the total project is likely to cost in the region of £24,000.

“It’s easy to underestimate just how important a modern and appealing washroom is and how it can affect our service users, visitors, volunteers and staff,” says Angela. “These improvements will enable us to provide better, more accessible and safer facilities for everyone, enhance the overall experience of visiting the centre, improve energy efficiency, allow for easier cleaning and maintenance and save the charity money in the future. Money that can be spent on helping us to support even more local people with sight loss.”

The charity is seeking local companies willing to use their entrepreneurial spirit to find innovative and fun ways to raise money using miniature pottery toilet collection boxes donated to the appeal by Armitage Shanks.

Companies wishing to support the appeal, can contact Sight Support HEY by emailing or calling 01482 342297 to arrange delivery of a money box and promotional materials.

The appeal runs until 30th November 2018.

Individual donations can also be made online at:

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