On Thursday 10th October you can be a part of our very first World Sight Day Appeal Bring a Pound Day helping to make a difference to the lives of local children living with sight loss.

From abseiling to running marathons, baking cakes to selling crafts, attending lunches to donating softs toys, your incredible support over the last year has enabled us to be there when visually impaired people need our help.

Now, whether you are a school, a business, a social group or a community organisation, we want you all to join together on this very special day and raise funds to fund a special Christmas Pantomime outing for local children with sight loss and their families.

How it works

Being a part of this community event is as easy as it sounds.

On World Sight Day Thursday 10th October encourage your colleagues/friends/family to donate £1 (or more!) using one of our Sight Support HEY collection boxes. It doesn’t matter if you work with a team or on your own – every pound counts!

You could also hold your own fundraising event in conjunction with the day, to turn your £1 into many!

What next

Simply complete the Registration Form to register your interest and to receive your very own "Bring a Pound Day" poster and collection box. For any further information, please contact us on 01482 342297 or email fundraising@sightsupport.org.