Tuesday 9th November
Time: 11am - 12noon

Do you see things that are not there?

Visual hallucinations, sometimes known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) can be quite distressing and may be linked to sight loss. If you’re experiencing visual hallucinations, please feel free to come along to our support group for further information.

Esme’s Friends is our new Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) Support Group. CBS is a condition which some people with sight loss experience when they start to see things which they know aren’t real, sometimes called visual hallucinations.

Meetings will take place via audio telephone calls. You can access the talks by simply calling 0330 336 0036. (Calls are charged at your local call rate. Please check with your supplier). Places are limited, so you do need to book in advance, by calling us on 01482 342297.

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