Visually impaired? Want to get out and make new friends? Why not come along on our next SocialEYES outing?

Monday 16th March 2020

Cost: £10 includes entry fee and transport (Lunch at additional cost)

A simple bungalow hides the entrance to an underground nuclear bunker. Descend the stairs and venture along the 120 metre long tunnel, pass through the blast doors to find yourself immersed in the once secret world of cold war defence.

This Coldwar Bunker started life as an RAF Early Warning Radar Station operating until 1974. The site was refurbished in the1980's to form a new Emergency Headquarters for RAF Support Command. In 1991 the Cold War ended and the site was converted into an experimental HQ for the new UK Air CCIS System. In 2004 the first public exhibition opened and in 2014 the site was sold by the MOD into private ownership and now continues as an exhibition of it's 60 years of service with the Royal Air Force.

For more information, or to book your place, please call Sight Support on 01482 342297 or email

Deadline for booking: Friday 28th February 2020.