Newly Diagnosed

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Sight Support is here to help if you have been newly diagnosed with sight loss.

If you have just been diagnosed with an eye condition which has caused sight loss, you may be feeling a range of different emotions. Perhaps you are feeling shock, afraid, sad and uncertain or any combination of these feelings?

Are you unsure what to do next or where to go for advice? Are you worried about how you will be able to cope?

Everyone responds differently to the news that they have sight impairment or severe sight impairment.

For some it can take a while to adjust to this challenge, whilst others find it easier to cope with the changes it brings to their life.

Some of the areas which may be of concern might include:

  • Getting out and about
  • Reading and writing
  • Telephone calls
  • Gardening
  • Television and radio
  • Managing in your home

Sight Support is here to offer to support and advice through this website, face to face at our Beverley Road centre in Hull or even in your own home.

If you would like our support, please contact us on 01482 342297.

About Registration

Only a consultant ophthalmologist can certify that a person is eligible for registration.

There are two types of registration:

  • Severely Sight Impaired (SSI); previously known as registered blind
  • Sight Impaired (SI); previously registered as partially sighted.

Registration, although voluntary, enables access to various benefits, but access to Sight Support’s services and support is NOT dependent on registration.

If you choose to be registered you will receive a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) which acts as a trigger for social services and other agencies to arrange an assessment of your requirements.

There are benefits to registration which may be available such as reduced television licence fees, Blue Badge car parking scheme and travel concessions. For more information about these and other benefits, please visit the RNIB’s website

Other Useful Information

TV Licensing

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