Sight Support HEY attends many events throughout the year from bucket collections in supermarkets to local shows and collections in town and city centres.

The support of volunteers to help raise funds and greater awareness of our charity is vital to us. It is only through this that we can grow and help even more people.

Event times, locations and activities will vary but generally, key tasks include:

  • Helping to set up stalls, gazebos and other promotional equipment
  • Talking to members of the public enthusiastically about the charity to raise awareness about the work we do
  • Handing out leaflets/giving out information if required
  • Directing any questions you are unable to answer to an appropriate member of staff
  • Overseeing or hosting a collection bucket to encourage donations

Here is a list of some events that we are attending, but these are added to regularly. If you would like to help us with future collections and events or would like more information about a specific event please get in touch by calling 01482 342297 or email

Hessle Flag Day Saturday 30th March 10am - 4pm
Northpoint Shopping Centre Saturday 13th April 10am - 4pm
Morrisons Brough Sunday 28th April 10am - 4pm
Hull Street Food Night Thursday 12th May 4pm - 9pm
Cottingham Flag Day Saturday 25th May 10am - 4pm
Race the Waves Bridlington Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June 10am - 4pm