Audio Book Club

Monthly on a Monday

Time: 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Do you love audio books? Why not join our new audio book club?

Each month members will receive a chosen book from Calibre Audio books and at the end of that month, group members will come together (by phone at first but hopefully in person when we can all meet up again) to discuss the book; the storyline, characters, plot twists etc.

It only costs £18 a year to become a member payable to Calibre Audio Books. That’s just £1.50 per month!

The group is hosted on our telephone conference calling system (with the occasional face to face social get together), so all you need to be able to join in is a standard mobile or house phone.

For details of how to join in POWWOW sessions please call (01482) 342297. Please note, calls to join POWWOW sessions may incur a cost, please check with your telephone provider.

SocialEYES is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund
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